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About Wajir Smart Learning

Wajir Smart Learning (WASLE) is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) offering access to high quality educational content through Mobile Offline Digital Library services to children in Wajir County. We ensure that children access the digital content by visiting schools and homes through our community outreach program. We also visit and get in touch with our beneficiaries through Wajir community radio station.

The digital academic contents are installed in a server that is accessed offline using tablets, laptops, projector and Television screen.

WASLE members are both locals (those coming within Wajir county) who are Muslims and non-locals majority of who are Christians. It sets up a good example of coexistence and cooperation among people of different religions.

Community Outreach Program

Our outreach programme reaches out to learners who have dropped out of school due to various challenges, such as poverty, insecurity, or early marriage, and who want to resume their education. We also reach out to regular learners who can benefit from extra learning resources at home, and to members of the society who can access our library content that has interactive and multimedia content on topics such as conflict resolution, peaceful co-existence, environmental conservation and wildlife ecosystem.

Our Priorities

The primary emphasis of the WASLE project is on addressing the needs of overlooked and highly susceptible individuals residing in crisis zones and remote locations that are difficult to access.

Our Approach

The wireless learning lab is centered around a comprehensive curriculum that can be accessed for free. It provides digital content to 50 mobile learners simultaneously, and it operates without the need for internet connectivity. The platform is powered by solar energy and batteries, allowing it to function for up to 5 hours per day in regions with unreliable electricity.

Our Digital Content

We create uncomplicated approaches utilizing Wi-Fi technology to provide secure and high-quality learning materials for the upcoming generation of learners. Access is free, and the learning content can be accessed anytime through mobile devices. Additionally, upgrades from global networks can be implemented when connected to an internet LAN adapter.

News & Stories


Learners have been reached in both schools and at homes


Teachers have been trained & empowered on mobile learning

Social Impact

We’ve witnessed learners who were once struggling academically achieve remarkable improvements in their grades and performance. We take pride in being part of their educational journey.

By providing access to digital skills and online resources, we enable our community members to find better job opportunities, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our programs not only transform individuals but also create more self-reliant, empowered communities where residents are better equipped to address local challenges and advocate for their needs.

We’ve bridged the digital divide by providing internet access, devices, and digital literacy training, ensuring that our learners are not left behind in today’s technology-driven society.

Our learners report increased self-confidence, a stronger sense of purpose, and improved problem-solving skills, all of which contribute to their overall well-being.