Wajir Smart Learning (WASLE) was registered in January 2022 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) by the department of social development (ministry of labor and social protection, Kenya).   It’s mission is to ensure that children get the best they can and enjoy their childhood.

Culture-Preserving Learning

WASLE recognizes the importance of preserving Wajir’s unique cultural identity amidst the rapid changes of the modern world. Education is undergoing technological change and through offline mobile learning, its benefits are being realized in the marginalized community. All this is made possible through moLLi kit, a revolutionary smart learning product by wiLearn 4 Life.

they need your help

More Than 40,000 Children Have Received Education.

Improving the Quality of Education

WASLE’s digital library come equipped with educational apps and content that enable dynamic and engaging learning experiences. Students can interact with multimedia elements, quizzes, and simulations, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts.