Empowering Youth Outreach: WASLE Mentorship Program equips Chris for Success

Here in Nairobi, dedicated individuals like Chris are making a real difference in the lives of young people. Chris, a reformed individual with a passion for youth empowerment, has dedicated himself to helping young people overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

WASLE (Wajir Smart Learning) is a community-based organization that champions accessible and high-quality education. Recognizing Chris’s dedication and the potential impact of his outreach work, WASLE is proud to announce a two-day mentorship program designed to equip Chris with the skills to maximize the impact of his outreach sessions.

What is the Mentorship Program About?

This program focuses on three key areas:

  • Integrating Technology: Chris will gain valuable insights on using content access points, projectors, and tablets to create engaging and interactive learning experiences.
  • Adapting Content: The program will equip Chris with the skills to tailor his outreach content and delivery style to best suit the needs of both school and community settings.
  • Facilitating Discussions: Chris will learn strategies to foster active participation and critical thinking among youth through interactive storytelling and group discussions.

Benefits for Chris and the Community:

By participating in this program, Chris will gain the confidence and skills to:

  • Design more engaging and impactful outreach sessions.
  • Effectively utilize technology to enhance learning.
  • Adapt his approach to cater to diverse settings and audiences.

Ultimately, this translates into a more enriching learning environment for the young people Chris works with.

WASLE: Investing in the Future

WASLE believes in supporting passionate individuals like Chris who are committed to making a positive difference. This mentorship program is a testament to WASLE’s dedication to empowering youth outreach leaders and fostering a brighter future for our communities.

Stay tuned for future updates!

We will be sharing more about Chris’s mentorship journey and the impact of the program on his outreach work. Follow us for inspiring stories and our continued commitment to educational equity!

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