How WASLE is Bringing Education to the Unprivileged with Multimedia Content

Wajir Smart Learning (WASLE) is a community-based organization that aims to provide quality education to the marginalized people of Wajir. One of the ways we do this is through our Community Outreach Programme, which delivers multimedia educational content to learners who are out of school or in remote areas.

Our outreach programme reaches out to learners who have dropped out of school due to various challenges, such as poverty, insecurity, or early marriage, and who want to resume their education. We also reach out to regular learners who can benefit from extra learning resources at home, and to members of the society who can access our library content that has interactive and multimedia content on topics such as conflict resolution, peaceful co-existence, environmental conservation and wildlife ecosystem.

Our outreach programme uses mobile devices and solar-powered projectors to deliver the content to the learners, wherever they are. This means that they do not have to travel long distances or depend on their teachers to access education. They can learn at their own pace and convenience, and at times when they are most interested, motivated, and engaged.

Our outreach programme also helps us to reconnect with the learners and encourage them to participate in educational activities, rather than engaging in harmful or risky behaviors. We believe that education is the key to empowerment and development, and we are committed to making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone in Wajir.

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