Wajir iLearn Centre, Digital Powered Library Space

Do you want to learn new things, read amazing books and access educational content for free? If you live in Wajir, you are in luck! Wajir Smart Learning has partnered with A.I.C Wajir to launch an iLearn Centre, a unique digital library that does not have physical books, but a huge collection of digital books and resources for everyone. You can visit the iLearn Centre and borrow a tablet to read whatever you want from the rich digital library, which is powered by wiLearn 4 Life’s mobile learning technologies.

The iLearn Centre is a great opportunity for the Wajir community to access quality education, improve their literacy and numeracy skills, and explore their interests and passions. The iLearn Centre is open to all ages and levels, from children to adults, from beginners to experts. You can find books and content on various topics, such as science, math, history, religion, health, agriculture, business, and more. You can also learn new languages, such as English, Arabic, Somali, and Swahili.

The iLearn Centre is not only a place to read and learn, but also a place to connect and collaborate with other learners. You can join online courses, participate in discussions, share your opinions and feedback, and get support from mentors and tutors. You can also create your own content and share it with others through the digital library. You can showcase your talents, skills, and achievements to the world.

The iLearn Centre is a dream come true for many people in Wajir who have limited access to education and information. But this dream needs your help to become a reality. Wajir Smart Learning needs support to fund the renovation of an existing structure, furnish it and buy tablets, digital library and solar system for power. They have prepared a detailed proposal that you can find in https://wilearn.org/files/Wajir-Smart-Learning-Proposal.pdf. Please take a look at the proposal and consider donating or sharing it with others who might be interested. Your contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of many people in Wajir who deserve a chance to learn and grow.

Thank you for your support and interest in the iLearn Centre. Together, we can make Wajir a great smart learning community!

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